Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cover Reveal!

My Alpha Ex Brother in Law Submit (Available now!)
Barnes & Noble, Kobo 
Banned on Apple 
Banned on Amazon.

My Alpha Ex Brother in Law Bound (Available now!)
Barnes & Noble
Banned on Apple
Banned on Amazon


  1. At the end of Submit there is an excerpt for the next book coming out (Suckled), I was wandering if you have a release date available?

  2. Not yet. I tell you they keep banning these "Brother in Law" ones I love to write at Kobo, Amazon, Apple etc so that it makes it hard to want to do another. But I probably will write it after I finish my next billionaire menage I am working on called Alpha Billionaires Maid Naked & Mastered (if I get that title through lol) Maybe I might sneak a little milking in that one. I have been thinking of offering two version in the same book with one saying "Master" everything and the other version saying "Daddy" so readers could choose if they are uncomfortable with one over the other. Anyways I digress. Thank you for asking!