Friday, December 21, 2012

Billionaires Housekeeper, Bound and Spanked (Submission Erotic Romance) Serial

Exciting New Serial From JJ!

Part One:

Description: Billionaires Hall and Judd make their money by being dominant businessmen. They know what they like, and when they see the new housekeeper, both know she’s everything they ever dreamed of.
But they didn’t hire her and they know they won’t get any work done if she stays.
Charlie can’t believe her luck! Housekeeper at a fabulous Miami Estate. There’s only a few problems … She’s never been a housekeeper before and got the job on a lie. But wait! Her new billionaire bosses are trying to fire her within minutes of meeting. That is until they tell her the only job they do have open is for a “house submissive.”
Judd and Hall are not sure they can share but both are willing to try for the chance at having Charlie submit to them. 

Four Bosses Training Miss Bennett

What one Master couldn't do, four highly sexual men might give her in spades.(12,000 word story)

Miss Bennett believes one of her bosses has dominating urges he's not admitting, but her submissive urges cannot seem to ignore. Temptation is too great and she steps over the line. But she never expected to become the sexual office slave for her four bosses. 

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Sheriff's Whip, Rough Sex

Sheriff Black catches Lily pickpocketing and throws her into his jail. This is bad, Lily knows it could mean a long time in jail so she tries to seduce the sheriff. But Sheriff Black's brand of a deal is nothing Lily ever expected. It seems the sheriff likes to command and control a woman. 

Once he starts showing Lily how to kneel naked at his feet and shows her the wicked pleasure of his whip, she's caught and the deal has nothing to do with it. 

Bondage, some whip play, oral, slavish orders, domination and submission, rough sex.

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Three Bosses Taking Miss Clark

Miss Clark tries to hide her submissive nature on the job. She's an architect on a new construction site and she needs to act with authority.

Teo thinks his job site architect, Miss Clark, is a mean witch and he becomes so furious with her that he threatens to pull off the job, and take all his men with him. Miss Clark begs him to stay. The price? Teo demands a bj and is amazed when Miss Clark lowers to her knees to give him one. But that's not all, the foreman finds out, then her banker. Can she satisfied them all or will they take her to the ends of wickedness?

Publishers note: Rough sex, oral, and spanking. Intense and explicit.

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Lawman's Punishment, Rough Sex

western erotica cover

Rough sex, for staying out of jail. That's the lawman's deal.

Kate has no choice but to take the deal, and try to ride the stern lawman out of taking her to prison. Tied up, whip play, rough sex, some give and take, rough oral, and pleasing the law.

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Billionaire Menage Short Story

menage cover

Billionaires Alex and Nick save the woman of their dreams from a rich client trying to hold her against her will. Run! Nick tells Clare as he and Alex rush to their helicopter. But there is a winter storm up on the mountain and they risk crashing to save Clare.

They've both wanted her and desired to make her theirs now on the brink of survival Clare realizes how to have them both.

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Doctor Do Me

Doctor sex, doctor play
Jill is young and healthy. How come she can't have an orgasm? Maybe her Doctor knows. But Jill's normal physician, a lady doctor, is on vacation and Jill must ask her replacement, the surprising hunk, Doctor Jacks for help. 

Jill is "orally" grateful to Dr. Jacks for the answer.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blowin My Neighbor

neighbor sex ebook cover
Hank was my neighbor, and I had huge hot's for him. Any chance I got I would watch him. Our houses stood side by side with only a chain-link fence between. Because there were no fence boards to obscure my view, I got plenty of Hank viewing time. His wife worked days and Hank worked nights, so many days during the summer he would hang out in his backyard, lounging, tinkering, or my favorite, washing his big black truck. 

I spent my days dreaming about Hank's cock, until it was an obsession. I'd imagined it was the perfect cock. My mouth watered for it. I took my tight and young, twenty six year old body, and masturbated to thoughts of Hank's cock. I'd seen him looking at me. That's how I knew there was hope I'd get his hard shaft in my mouth.


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