Friday, December 21, 2012

Billionaires Housekeeper, Bound and Spanked (Submission Erotic Romance) Serial

Exciting New Serial From JJ!

Part One:

Description: Billionaires Hall and Judd make their money by being dominant businessmen. They know what they like, and when they see the new housekeeper, both know she’s everything they ever dreamed of.
But they didn’t hire her and they know they won’t get any work done if she stays.
Charlie can’t believe her luck! Housekeeper at a fabulous Miami Estate. There’s only a few problems … She’s never been a housekeeper before and got the job on a lie. But wait! Her new billionaire bosses are trying to fire her within minutes of meeting. That is until they tell her the only job they do have open is for a “house submissive.”
Judd and Hall are not sure they can share but both are willing to try for the chance at having Charlie submit to them. 

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  1. i loved part 1of billionares housekeeper,bound and spanked!i cant wait until part 2 comes out for free.