Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blowin My Neighbor

neighbor sex ebook cover
Hank was my neighbor, and I had huge hot's for him. Any chance I got I would watch him. Our houses stood side by side with only a chain-link fence between. Because there were no fence boards to obscure my view, I got plenty of Hank viewing time. His wife worked days and Hank worked nights, so many days during the summer he would hang out in his backyard, lounging, tinkering, or my favorite, washing his big black truck. 

I spent my days dreaming about Hank's cock, until it was an obsession. I'd imagined it was the perfect cock. My mouth watered for it. I took my tight and young, twenty six year old body, and masturbated to thoughts of Hank's cock. I'd seen him looking at me. That's how I knew there was hope I'd get his hard shaft in my mouth.


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